Hiking holidays in Kaprun

Hiking holidays in Kaprun

Holiday homes for hikers


The Landhaus Lodges Kaprun are an ideal place for a hiking holiday in Kaprun. Our holiday homes for hikers are located directly on the Schaufelberg, i.e., at the base of the Maiskogel. They therefore offer an ideal location for many hiking tours. The good thing: all adventurous people can book their hiking holiday in Kaprun here at a great price:

Our home is influenced by mountain guides and explorers. You can see this in our eight mountain guides who left their mark on Kaprun around 1880. Today, they serve as patrons and namesakes of our holiday homes. By the way, if you prefer cycling, you can find our suggestions here.

Why choose a hiking holiday in the Landhaus Lodges?

Dryer for hiking boots


In the cellar, there is a room for drying wet clothes and hiking boots. There are special hangars for the clothes. Hiking boots can be hung up on the boot dryer.


Advice on hiking tours


In addition to the location and facilities, we offer one-on-one advice on hiking tours at all levels. Just ask at the reception or message us on our Whats App Hotline to get the best local insider tips.

Hiking routes from the home

Hike Sigmund-Thun Gorge & Bürgkogel

Kaprun’s mountain peak


The Klammsee loop is perfect for any afternoon. Depending on how much energy and how much desire you have, our guests can hike the Klammseerunde or extend it to the Bürgkogelsteig. The view over Kaprun is beautiful. The Kitzsteinhorn towers in the background with its rugged rock faces. There are some cosy areas and benches on the plateau. Tip: Don’t forget a picnic blanket and snacks!


Klammsee & Bürgkogel’s route description


Starting at Landhaus Lodges Kaprun, after the first bend below the Landhaus, there is a small path on the right that is a shortcut. Go past the “Billa” supermarket towards the Kitzsteinhorn to the Sigmund Thun Klamm car park. Take asphalt path no. 17 towards the Klammsee, then turn left at the yellow sign. Go through a few bends through a mixed woodland to the Bürgkogel, or go straight on around the Klammsee.

Hiking trail: No. 15
Duration: 1:00 hour
Level of difficulty: easy

Hiking routes to the Maiskogel

Alexander-Enzinger Trail


The Alexander-Enzinger Weg is one of the most beautiful alpine tours in Kaprun, which can be done without special equipment. The hiking tour starts with the ascent to the Häuslhofalm on the Kitzsteinhorn. The Alexander-Enzinger Weg connects the glacier with the Maiskogel. You can hike along the new MK Maiskogel cable car and pass many huts. The first and best place to stop is the Glocknerhütte. The number of metres in altitude to be covered is manageable. (101 HM uphill and 955 HM downhill). For this very reason, the tour is also very popular with less experienced hikers. What to bring: Hiking boots, poles, weatherproof clothing etc. Tip: If you still have strength left, you can descend after the Glockner Hut via the Jetzbachastensteig towards the Klammsee.


Alexander-Enzinger Weg’s route description


Starting at the Kitzsteinhorn car park, go down to Häuslalm, in the direction north/east. Follow the signposted trail – Stangenhöhe 2,212 m – Schoppachhöhe 2,069. Continue to the Glockner Hut, trail no. 25, no. 33, or go down with the new MK Maiskogel cable car to the village centre or Landhaus Lodges.

Hiking trail: No. 25/33
Duration: 4:00 hours
Level of difficulty: Advanced

Hiking routes for families

A walk through the Kaprun Moos


From the Landhaus, head towards the centre of Kaprun. The walk is perfect for any short family outing. Best of all, it is also perfectly possible with prams. You will also pass playgrounds and the Kaprun dog park. Alternatively, you can also do the loop by jogging or on a bicycle. The Kapruner Moos is a unique cultural heritage of Kaprun and offers wonderful views on top.


Directions for the walk in the Kaprun


Landhaus in the direction of the village centre, take the MK3 Kitzsteinhorn/bridge to the fire brigade, in a south-westerly direction along the Kapruner Ache. Go past the Tauernspa and- continue along the Salzach. Turn right at the Traffo Haus junction for the shortcut back to Kaprun. Take a left through the forest to reach the Salzachbrückenwirt , go back along the Tauern cycle path and past the playground.


Hiking trail: No. 14 / Shortcut No.16
Duration: 1:30 hours
Level of difficulty: very easy

Kaprun High Trail


The Kaprun High Trail leads directly past the Landhaus Lodges. First, you start on the east side of the valley and then take the west side towards the Guggenbichl restaurant. The trail offers great views over the Kaprun valley. Peaceful forests/woodlands and rushing streams are on the itinerary. It is easy to manage, especially for young hikers. The best thing is that it starts right at the Landhaus and can be accessed from both sides.

Directions for the hike across the Guggenbichl

From the Landhaus, you start in the direction of the valley via the Ortlehenweg and go past the Endtalhof via the Endtalweg, towards the Sigmund Thun Klamm. At Maiskogelbahn’s old station, you walk around the power station. Turn right into the forest towards Winkelbach, then a farm road goes towards Lechnerberg. At the top station of the Tellerlift, turn right over a bridge up to the Guggenbichl restaurant, past the inn/hotel and go down the bends through the forest to Kaprun Castle. A shortcut is possible at any time towards Kaprun centre.

Hiking trail: No. 30/32
Duration: 2:30 hours
Level of difficulty: easy
This is only an example from our programme for a perfect hiking holiday in Kaprun. For more information, please contact us at any time. By the way, after every tiring tour, our infinity pool is perfect for cooling down. More information here.